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Need complementary information on this wonderful tool

Jul 25, 2011 at 9:35 AM

Hello all,

Thanks Alex for this tool, it works well and respond correctly to my need to create an automated batch to copy files through an FTPS connection.

I have some question regarding some features of the Alex ftps tool that can increase functionality of my batch:

  • Do you plan a release date for the new version that includes the LogFile management?
  • Can you provide me a procedure in order to use the FTPS libraries (including their registration), I'm a beginner programmer and I failed to have the correct configuration.
  • When I copy files with ftps.exe, it changes the last modified date to the current date, is there a switch to prevent this situation?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Have a nice day,

Jul 25, 2011 at 11:36 AM

Hi again, 

I also encounter another problem, to prevent the problem of the output file, I use the VB method Wscrit.Shell with The StdOut method to catch the result, in the results, I meet 2 problems:

  • I don't have the copy progress and final result of the copy, I only have the 3 first lines (Source, Destination and File size information). I tried using the StdOut.ReadLine and the StdOut.ReadAll with the same results.
  • For the StdErr method on copy operation, I have the message: "ERROR: The handle is invalid.", and return code is equal to "-1", even when the file is correctly copied. I don't encounter this when I perform a custom FTP command.

You can find below the return of my VbScript program:

Working with file E:\Local\AlexFtps\TmpImg\welcome.txt
cmd /c ftps.exe -h HostName -noCopyrightInfo -ssl All -U LoginName -P Password  -port 21 -p TmpImg/welcome.txt /Folder/
.........Printing Listing Output:

!!! ReadAll method !!!

!!! Readline method !!!

Source (local): TmpImg/welcome.txt
Dest (remote): /Folder/welcome.txt
File Size: 5 Byte

Printing Listing Errors:

ERROR: The handle is invalid.

!!!!Warning: Non-zero exit code, return code: -1
cmd /c ftps.exe -h HostName -noCopyrightInfo -ssl All -U LoginName -P Password  -port 21 -cust "mdtm Folder/welcome.txt"

Printing Listing Output:

!!! ReadAll method !!!

!!! Readline method !!!
Server reply: 213 20110725095623
Printing Listing Errors:

---- Script OK


PS: my developpements are made in VbScript (for the libray use)!

Sep 8, 2011 at 11:45 AM

Hi Thomas,


sorry for the very late reply. Just got back to work from a huge summer (sigh!) :-)

Regarding your problem, instead of using VBscript, can you directly use the .Net library? You can use it even in powershell.

Otherwise it's difficult to understand where the error happens.

If you prefer, you can give me access to your server in order to see where the problem is.

BTW AlexFTPS 1.1 has been released, including the log features.



Alessandro Pilotti

[ MVP / IIS ]