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Help with Powershell Connect()

May 22, 2015 at 10:32 AM
String Connect(
     String hostname,
     Int32 port,
     NetworkCredential credential,
     ESSLSupportMode sslSupportMode,
     RemoteCertificateValidationCallback userValidateServerCertificate,
     X509Certificate x509ClientCert,
     Int32 sslMinKeyExchangeAlgStrength,
     Int32 sslMinCipherAlgStrength,
     Int sslMinHashAlgStrength,
     Nullable `1 timeout,
     Boolean useCtrlEndPointAddressForData,
     EDataConnectionMode dataConnectionMode
After falling fowl of FTPWebRequest too many times I want to replace it with something else in my automation scripts so I fancy giving a different approach a try. I'm stumbling on the first hurdle though which is establishing a connection - I need to do so via port 2121, which means using at least 6 of the above parameters.

I'm not all that familiar with RemoteCertificateValidationCallback and X509Certificate - can anyone help me out? The servers I'm connecting to do not support SSL, so I imagine mostly dummy data is required?