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Need help configuring connection

Jan 12, 2010 at 10:31 PM

I am new to Alex FTPS client and I'm trying to figure out what settings to use to connect to a client server.  I'm using the library in .NET code, not the command line tool.  I have an existing connection to this client server in WS_FTP Pro that connects fine.  It is configured as a SFTP/SSH server, client certificate: NONE, SSH keypair: NONE, remote port 22.  Here is a typical connection log:

Finding Host xxxxxxxxx ...
Connecting to
Connected to in 0.078130 seconds, Waiting for Server Response
Server Welcome: SSH-2.0-0
Client Version: SSH-2.0-WS_FTP-9.01-2005.08.19
DSS Signature Verified
Session Keys Created
Ciphers Created
New Client->Server ciphers in place.
New Client->Server ciphers in place.
Completed SSH Key Exchange. New Keys in place.
User Authenticated OK!
Completed SSH User Authentication.
Started subsystem "sftp" on channel 0760a2ce
SFTP Protocol Version 3 OK
sftp protocol initialized
/Home loaded from [Directory Listing Cache]DIR1C5.tmp
Sending channel close message for channel 0760a2ce

My .NET code to create the connection is

secureClient.Connect(_remoteServerName, _credentials, _sslRequestSupportMode, New RemoteCertificateValidationCallback(AddressOf ServerCertificateValidation))

Depending on what I set the SSL support mode to, i will either get an error of The handshake failed due to an unexpected packet format. or I will get an error stating A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond 

Any ideas?

Jan 13, 2010 at 9:33 AM


please note that AlexFTPS supports FTP / FTPS protocols, not SFTP (by now).



Alessandro Pilotti  [MVP / IIS]


Jan 13, 2010 at 2:01 PM

Ahh, makes sense now.  thanks.  Guess I'll have to figure out another solution